100-palm sunday


Even before our 10:30 service begins, you might hear the sound of praise music as our band warms up.

Soon will come the sounds of children, laughing and playing with friends they’ve been waiting to see all week.

And as the bell rings, the people taking to the pews will have journeyed everywhere from down the street to Mississauga, Etobicoke and across the GTA.

We come to learn, worship and celebrate God’s Word in the Anglican tradition.

We’re the Church of St. Bede, and there’s room here for you, too.

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Who Was St. Bede?

The patron saint of scholars, Bede (known as ‘The Venerable,”) is one of the few saints honored as such even during his lifetime. His writings were filled with such faith and learning that even while he was still alive, a Church council ordered them to be read publicly in the churches.

From the time of his ordination to the priesthood at 30—he had been ordained a deacon at 19—till his death, Bede was ever occupied with learning, writing, and teaching. Besides the many books that he copied, he composed 45 of his own, including 30 commentaries on books of the Bible.

His Ecclesiastical History of the English People is commonly regarded as of decisive importance in the art and science of writing history.

Adapted from a biographical note on Francisan Media. Read more about St. Bede here