Home with the kids amid COVID-19? We have ideas and resources to help you (Click here).

St. Bede is home to a strong community of children that range in age from newborns to 12 years old, and it’s vital to us that they feel like the important members they are. You’ll find them throughout the worship space, including some of the very front pews. Sometimes they might make a little noise. We’re okay with that.

Sunday School:  We offer Sunday school each Sunday to children from 3-12

Children start with us in the sanctuary and after a time of praise, all children are welcomed to the steps of the altar, where the Pastor has a brief chat about the key messages we’re going to focus on when we read the Scripture. After a prayer, the kids make their way to the Sunday School room, where they hear Bible stories, learn memory verses, make crafts and play games. We have a fantastic teacher on hand, Malini, who leads this ministry, and parents take turns each week helping out.  We regroup with the children during coffee hour and hear what they’ve learned and experienced.  

Nursery:  Once a month, we offer a special nursery program for children who have recently been born up to four years old. This early-years experience focuses on songs, finger plays and stories, much like a drop-in program but with Christian focus. Parents are free to go back up and take part in worship, or to stay and get ideas on how to practice faith at home — even with children who aren’t yet old enough to speak.

Children’s Choir:  Music is an integral part of our parish and it is no different with our children’s music ministry. There is, perhaps, no better way to teach children about Jesus than through songs and music. 

Through simple songs with catchy tunes, we hope to instill and develop in them a love for music early on. We add some extra fun to the songs with action songs, rhyming words and the like. In addition, we also aim to get them interested in playing musical instruments from a young age. Our five year olds hit the drums hard or go soft on the pianos, our four year olds go to town on the shakers and our older kids of nine or ten try their hands on the Ukulele. By letting them spend time on these instruments, we  introduce them to the world of rhythm and beats.

Our goal is to reveal Jesus to them through the words of the songs, the music they imbibe and the praises they sing. 

Special events for children:  Throughout the year we offer special progamming for children, and involve our children in wider parish events.  Children perform an annual Christmas pageant at our Christmas cantata as well as take the stage to show off their musical talents. 

Each Summer we run a free all-day week-long childrens camp focused on a Biblical story, which is filled with songs, stories and games.

And every few months we have all ages services where the service is geared to all – children and adults alike.  

Youth Meetings on Zoom, Young Adults meeting on Zoom