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Sunday Sermon Summary – June 02 2024

Posted on: June 5th, 2024 by St. Bede Anglican Church

Jesus! Lord of the Sabbath

1. Sabbath was initiated by God
Genesis 2: 1-3

In the beginning when God created everything, He also set apart the seventh day of the week. He sanctified the seventh day and rested on the seventh day.  God had a plan with much precision when He created different things on each day.  Everything that was created has a positive influence on us.  We are created to have fellowship with God. God’s eternal plan for humanity is to have an intimate relationship with our creator; and an integral part of it is to recognize that God created the seventh day for rest. 

2.  Sabbath is a Commandment of God:

 Exodus 20: 8-11

Centuries later when God brought out the children of Israel from Egypt, He gave them the Ten Commandments which includes a day of rest.  So in God’s plan resting was imperative.  Just as God commanded “you shall not murder,”  he also commanded to keep the Sabbath holy.  We have no right to change God’s commandments.  Saying that the New Testament sabbath is Sunday, is not biblical. The early church did not change the Sabbath day. The truth is that all humans have broken God’s laws.  Only Jesus Christ fulfilled all the commandments and became the lamb without blemish to take away our sins.

3.  Sabbath is for us
Mark 2: 27, 28

Jesus did what was needed on the sabbath.  He healed people of their sickness on the sabbath. Jesus proclaimed that doing good on the sabbath is not sin.  Jesus proclaimed that he is the Lord of the sabbath.  He said that humanity was not created for the sabbath; but the sabbath was made for humanity.  

Jesus is Lord of our rest. He calls us to be restful.  Jesus gives us rest.  He leads us beside the still waters and makes us to lie down on tender pastures.  Jesus calls us to be at rest in all situations.  May we trust in his unfailing love and be restful in Him.  Amen 

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