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Pastoral Epistle – May 29, 2024

Posted on: May 29th, 2024 by St. Bede Anglican Church

Pastoral Epistle – May 29, 2024

Beloved Congregation, 

Greetings in Jesus!

“You are all children of light and children of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness.” I Thessalonians 5:5

God has set apart His followers to be different from others.  We are called to be children of light that all who see us will be enlightened through us. We are called to shine for our Lord. 

Confirmation Service: As part of our Centenary Celebration, we had an exciting Service last Sunday with Bishop Andrew Asbil.  Four young people of our church community were confirmed.  We are immensely thankful to bishop Andrew for his remarkable ministry at St. Bede with his wife Mary. They visited St. Bedes for the first time. 

 We must continue to pray and support our new Confirmands that they grow and thrive in faith. 

Clergy Conference:  I have just returned from our Clergy Conference at Trent University, Peterborough.  It was a refreshing time for over 150 of us.  Our keynote speaker, Dr. Betty Pries shared inspiring, Bible centred discourses on Conflict and how we should approach, resolve and grow out of it. 

This Sunday will be the first Sunday of June.  We are thankful for all blessings and favour we have received in the month of May.  We look forward to a blessed new month.  We have five Sundays in June. The last Sunday is set apart for special songs and testimonies.  I invite you to prepare for June 30th with a song or a testimony to glorify our Lord. 

Youtube stream links.

Sunday Service June 2nd 2024, 10:30am https://youtube.com/live/WewBHKGivHo

Past and Present Videos can be accessed through the below link


Seniors Home Visit: We are planning to visit the senior home at O’Connor this Sunday, June 2nd after service.  We are waiting for confirmation from the Chaplain of the senior home. 

Father’s Day: Father’s Day Celebration is coming up soon. Sunday, June 16th we will celebrate Father’s Day. Looking forward to an exciting presentation by our children.  

Here are the details to send your tithes and offerings.  Thank you to everyone who contributes regularly for the ministry of God.

 E-transfer your Contributions to: cw-stbede@toronto.anglican.ca

Birthdays :

Saravan Velupillai May 29

All our special activities are so important to us this year as we celebrate our Centenary.  

May our Lord help us to keep shining and enlighten many people who need the light of Christ. 

Regards and blessings,


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