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Sunday Sermon Summary – April 07 2024

Posted on: April 9th, 2024 by St. Bede Anglican Church

Blessed are those who have not seen and have yet believed.
John 20: 29

1.  Disbelief shows lack of trust. John 20: 25

All the eleven disciples went into hiding when Jesus was crucified and put in the tomb. They were sore afraid of the Jewish authorities that they too will be severely punished.  They did not remember that Jesus had told them multiple times that He will rise up from the dead on the third day. In contrast, the chief priests and the Pharisees remembered it. The Bible says that they went to Pilate and said, “We remember that that deceiver said that he will rise up again on the third day.”  Matthew 27: 62 & 63. We must remember God’s Word to overcome disbelief.  The Lord calls us to believe in His Word.  We are encouraged to trust God even during unexpected moments that God allows certain situations with a purpose. 

2. Disbelief demands proof. John 20: 27

Thomas was not at home on the first day of the week when Jesus appeared to the ten disciples in the evening. When he returned, he heard that Jesus visited them. He was in total disbelief. He said that he will believe only if he physically sees Jesus and puts his finger in his nail pierced hand and his hand in his side where he was pierced.  Eight days later Jesus entered the room where Thomas was with the other disciples. He invited Thomas to come and check Him.  Another sign of disbelief is demanding a sign.  The Lord chided Thomas and invited him to believe.  We must believe in the Lord with all our heart.  When we believe in the Lord we will not demand for a sign or proof of His promises.  There will be times when we may not feel God’s presence with us, yet we must believe Him with all our heart. 

3.  Disbelief can be transformed into powerful witness. John 20: 28

Though Thomas demanded proof of the resurrection, when he saw Jesus right in front of him, he said, “My Lord! My God.”  Once Thomas was convinced of the resurrection, there was no turning back in his mission.  He went on to travel to India, a far away country beyond his imagination and he preached the Gospel.  Jesus told Thomas that those who believe without seeing are more blessed. We live after 2000 years of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We have not seen the Lord, yet we believe in His Word along with the millions of His saints. We are more blessed than Thomas. God will transform us into powerful witnesses of His resurrection.  We will be witnesses for Christ. May the Lord continue to transform us into powerful people who experience His resurrection in our everyday lives. Amen 

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