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Sunday Sermon Summary – March 17 2024

Posted on: March 19th, 2024 by St. Bede Anglican Church

The Witness from the Father of Jesus Christ 

God the Father spoke three times to attest the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ.  God had a purpose for attesting God the Son. 

1. Substitution 

During His Baptism 

Matthew 3:17

When Jesus was baptized, a voice came from heaven saying, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”  Jesus was willing to be a substitute for us. Though He was sinless, He bore our sins. So He was baptized by John as many others who repented of their sins.  We are immensely privileged to receive salvation.  None of us can afford to purchase salvation.  But Jesus made it possible for us to receive salvation free.  We must share the good news of salvation to everyone. Jesus has taken our place and was condemned as a sinner instead of us. 

2. Sovereign

During Transfiguration 

Matthew 17: 5

The second time God spoke was when Jesus was transfigured before three of His disciples. Jesus revealed His Sovereignty.  The disciples saw him in his glory. They also saw Moses and Elijah speak with Jesus.  They fell down like dead men when they heard a voice from the Father, “This is my beloved Son, listen to Him.”  Our Lord’s sovereignty demands that we listen to His voice.  This was the peak of Jesus’ ministry.  God the Father revealed the sovereignty of His Son. Though Jesus walked everywhere as an ordinary person, He was God incarnate.  All authority is given to Him in heaven and on earth.  We are called to listen to Him. God the Father announced that we must listen to him. His ways are always best for us. 

 3.  Servitude 

During end of His ministry 

John 12: 27 & 28

Towards the end of His ministry, some visitors who were Greeks wanted to see Jesus. Jesus announced that His time to be crucified was near.  He said that He gives himself to the will of the Father. To fulfill the Father’s will; though it is painful and sorrowful. 

Jesus gave himself to be like a sheep before the shearers.  He never opened his mouth. He took upon himself the form of a servant to bring salvation to mankind. The third time the voice of the Father announced, “I have glorified my name, I will glorify my name”.  Jesus became a servant to the glory of God. We are encouraged to go through tough times willingly that God will be glorified even through our toughest moments.  Jesus is the best witness we can follow.  Amen 

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