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Sunday Sermon Summary – March 03 2024

Posted on: March 5th, 2024 by St. Bede Anglican Church

Why did Jesus cleanse the Temple 

Our Lord cleansed the Temple at least twice. Once in the beginning of His ministry that is recorded only in the fourth gospel.  There are a number of differences between the details of His cleansing between the fourth gospel and the Synoptic Gospels.  There are various reasons why Jesus cleansed the Temple.  We recognize three major reasons here. 

1.  To reveal  Prophecy Psalm 69:9

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of all prophecy.  Only Jesus has fulfilled all Messianic prophecy.  So we know that He is the Messiah. Jesus made a whip and chased out all those selling sheep, cattle and pigeons.  He used His Messianic authority.  The Holy Bible says that His disciples remembered that the Messiah will be zealous for the Temple as recorded in Psalms 69:9

2.  To reveal Purpose of incarnation  John 2:16

Jesus spoke to the Pharisees, scribes and people who were selling cattle and doves and He claimed that the temple was His Father’s house and they had made it a place of merchandise.  Jesus established the purpose of His incarnation.  One important purpose of His incarceration is to establish that all spiritual, religious things in Jerusalem belonged to the Father.  Jesus repeated this statement at the end of His ministry and said, “This is my Father’s house.”   Jesus is the real priest because He is God incarnate. Jesus had all authority over the temple because He is the Son of God.  

3.  To reveal His Power John 2:19

His authority was questioned and His opponents demanded a sign to prove His claim to be the Son of the Father.  Jesus said, “Destroy this temple and I will build it in three days”.   The holy bible says that His disciples remembered His words when He rose against from death.  This statement was held against Him during His trial.  Jesus revealed that He is all powerful.  He will lay down His life and He will take it back again.  Jesus has all authority in heaven and on earth.  His name is powerful.  The apostles of the early church healed people and casted out demons in the Name of Jesus!! 

We are invited to speak the Name of Jesus on all our challenges.  In the Name of Jesus we have victory. 

May we hold on to the Name of Jesus and see things happening more than we can ask or imagine. Amen! 

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