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Sunday Sermon Summary – Feb 25 2024

Posted on: February 27th, 2024 by St. Bede Anglican Church

Sunday Sermon Summary – Feb 25th 2024

We walk by Faith and not by Sight – Expressions of Faith
Genesis 17: 1-7  Romans 4: 18-25
The Lord called Abraham when he was an idol worshipper and promised him unbelievable blessings if he followed His commandments.  Abraham truthfully followed God’s instructions and it was counted as righteousness. 

1.  Fear of God
Genesis 17:1

In this chapter we see how Abraham demonstrated his faith in God. They were no scriptures at that time; but when God told Abraham, “I am God almighty, walk before me”, Abraham worshipped God.  His first expression of faith in an unknown God was to exhibit fear therefore declaring the Sovereignty of God. We may have many expressions of faith; but the foremost is accepting God’s sovereignty over everything. This doctrine lays the foundation for our faith.  Abraham was able to trust God’s word because he knew that God is able to perform the impossible. 

2.  Following God
Genesis 17: 2

God initiated a covenant with Abraham.  He gave him and his wife new names. He also commanded circumcision of every male.  Abraham agreed to follow God’s instructions.  He demonstrated his faith by truly following God.  God delighted in his faith.  God promised Abraham that he will make him the father of many nations and that kings will come out of his generation.  God promised that He will give Abraham all the land of the Canaanites as a possession to his generation.  We express our faith in God by truly following God’s guidance even when the path is difficult. 

3.  Fellowship with God
Genesis 17:3

Finally, Abraham’s expression of faith is demonstrated when Abraham bowed before God and God spoke with him. Following this chapter, we see that God continually connected with Abraham and God revealed His plans too him. Abraham was special in God’s eyes.  

We are created to have fellowship with God. Our primary aim is to have a close connection with God. 

The Bible says that Abraham walked with God. Having faith in God should be revealed in our close walk with Him. 

Even a little child can have faith in Jesus as we see in Matthew 28:6. We must teach our children to believe in God even in difficult situations. Abraham did not consider his body which was good as dead; but he believed that God was able to perform what He has promised.  May we move forward in our faith life and be blessed by our almighty God. Amen

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