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Sunday Sermon Summary – Feb 11 2024

Posted on: February 15th, 2024 by St. Bede Anglican Church

Let us Reflect on the Transfiguration 

2 Kings 2 : 1-12,  Mark 9: 2-9

These two readings reflect on celestial events.  Elijah was taken up into heaven in a fiery chariot.  Jesus displayed His real form of glory to three of His disciples.  

1.  Trust 

The experience of the disciples seeing the glory of Jesus and Elisha seeing his mentor being taken away from the earth made a great impact on the lives of these four men.  It renewed their trust in God.  Jesus was like an ordinary person walking around healing the sick and preaching God’s Word. But suddenly the three disciples saw Him in glory with Elijah and Moses talking with Him.  They needed this deep trust on Jesus for the rest of the days of their ministry because each of them had a unique ministry to fulfill.  

2.  Triumph 

Elijah being taken away in a fiery chariot gave Elisha a sense of triumph because he had to face a number of obstacles as he kept following Elijah.  A great number of prophets were discouraging him; but he kept on following.  At the end his mentor, Elijah asked him what he wished, and he said that he wanted a double portion of Elijah’s spirit.  For Peter, John, and James it was a day of triumph to witness their master in glory.  They lived the rest of their lives in triumph.  They faced adversity but they won over all obstacles and finished their race successfully. 

3.  Transform

The disciples of Jesus Christ and the disciple of Elijah had something similar.  Their experience transformed them into greater humans than they were.  It is given to us to know that Jesus is Lord and creator of the universe.  We know that there is a kingdom beyond the galaxies.  The fiery chariot carried Elijah away from the earth.  Elisha watched Elijah being taken away.  After that Elisha’s life was transformed.  He was not the same anymore.  He performed double the miracles that Elijah had performed.  He became the head of all the prophets of his time. 

The Lord has revealed His glory to us so that we will be transformed in our spiritual lives and be powerful witnesses of His glory.  Amen 

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