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Sunday Sermon Summary – Feb 04 2024

Posted on: February 7th, 2024 by St. Bede Anglican Church

God’s grace in sickness 

Mark 1: 29-39

The four gospels teach us that our Lord Jesus Christ went around healing the sick throughout His three and a half years of ministry. His ministry highlighted preaching, healing and casting out demons. 

We all go through sickness. We will have a look at sickness through the Holy Scriptures. 

1. How did it feel when you were sick?

Sickness is painful. Sickness is real.  Sickness causes pain and sorrow not only to the patient, but also to everyone surrounding the patient. Sickness is not God’s original plan. God created us perfectly so that we can have communion with Him every day. When Adam and Eve willingly disobeyed God’s command the process of sickness began which eventually led to death.  When we are unwell, we must seek God’s favour and ask ourselves if we have sinned against God. Sin could lead to sickness. (1 Corinthians 11:30, Acts 6:1 ff) Sickness can come just by infection or we can get it from someone who has an infection. 

2. How did you respond to sickness? 

We surrender ourselves to God for His mercy. We must remember that only God is our healer.  We must never panic, instead ask God for healing.  The Lord wants us to be prosperous and in good health (3 John 2).  Even godly people have been sick nearly close to death (Philippians 2:27) so we must ask for God’s grace to sustain us. We must seek the prayers of godly people. (James 5: 13-16). The church is a place where we pray for one another. Seek God’s favour.  The sick need a physician. The apostle Paul advised his disciple Timothy to include some wine along with water because of his infirmity in his stomach.  We must seek medical help because God has planned it that way.  

3. What feeling has it left?

In many situations when we go through sickness, it leaves a bitter memory.  We carry the memories of pain we went through.  Sometimes God allows pain and sickness to make it a testimony of His goodness and His healing power.  Job went through sickness that he will receive double blessing from God.  In Luke chapter 22 Jesus said, “Simon, Simon Satan has asked that he may sift you like wheat; but I have prayed for you; when you return strengthen your brothers”.  We must turn all our pain into a testimony.  We must continue to be strong in the Lord that those who see us will see God’s grace with us in the midst of our suffering – Psalm 31:19.  Amen

The Lord is our eternal refuge. Under His wings there is healing.  Let us seek God diligently and receive His blessings in abundance.  We must pray for others who are sick and are suffering.  May God help us to turn our sorrows into joy.  Amen! 

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