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Sunday Sermon Summary – Jan 28 2024

Posted on: February 1st, 2024 by St. Bede Anglican Church

Jesus the Corner Stone of the Church
Mark 1: 21-28
Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone of our Faith.  There are two prophecies that reveal Jesus as the Cornerstone.  Jesus also mentioned it in the Gospel of Matthew 21: 42, 43

1. Sovereign in His being
    Mark 1: 21
We learn from the life and work of our Saviour how the Church should represent our Lord to the world.  
Jesus has set an example for us to follow.  On the Sabbath Jesus went to the Synagogue and preached.  
Jesus did not wear any special clothing. He was not dressed like a scribe or a Pharisee; but he taught people.  He sat with sinners and ate with tax collectors.  We are called to follow our Lord’s example
2. Sovereign in His teaching
   Mark 1: 22
The Holy Bible teaches us that He taught with authority and not like the scribes.  So we understand that the scribes taught without authority to please people.  Whenever Jesus preached or even taught people, He did it with authority. Since the day of Pentecost, the Church is given authority to speak God’s Word with authority; we don’t need to please people in the house of God.  We are called to be kind, gentle and loving but the Church should never compromise the truth of Scripture neither should we dilute the truth.  

3. Sovereign in His ministry
   Mark 1: 27

The Bible teaches us that Jesus was casting out demons and healing diseases.  Demons fled when they encountered Jesus. 

Today, the Lord has entrusted that ministry with the Church.  He said that those who believe in Him will do whatever He did and even more.  Jesus displayed what the Church must carry out in a short span of three and a half years of His ministry on earth. The Church must keep itself holy and without blemish until Christ returns in glory.  We are given this mandate to cast out anything that is against God’s purpose. 
Our Lord is the Cornerstone of the faith of His Church.  We who are His faithful followers are called to fulfill His purpose for His Church. We are the Church of the Living God.  Amen 

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