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Sunday Sermon Summary – Nov 19 2023

Posted on: November 21st, 2023 by St. Bede Anglican Church

Aiming at Eternal Rewards
Matthew 25: 14-30

Our Lord was teaching about the Kingdom of God and He spoke in parables.  In our reading, Jesus taught about Talents. 

1. Search
Matthew 25: 15

Jesus said that the master gave Talents, which is money, to each of his servants according to their ability.  The master returned after a long time and called his servants to give a report of what they did with the talents.  Each of us has to look at ourselves to find out how many talents we are given. God will call each one to give an account for the talents we have received. The good and faithful ones multiplied the talents and gave it to the master.  Our Lord promised that He will return. When He returns, we will have to give an account. 

2.  Surplus
Matthew 25: 21

Every faithful person who made wise use of the talents they received was given authority over vast things. Their faithfulness was richly rewarded. We must be encouraged to put our talents to best use.  Our faithfulness will never be ignored. God invests talents in each of us that we may be richly rewarded. We will be blessed with surplus of blessings.  God will trust us with great things when we are faithful in small things. 

3. Surprise
Matthew 25: 28

Jesus continued His parable of talents by saying that beyond the rich rewards, the master went ahead and ordered that the talent that was given to the lazy servant be taken and given to the faithful servant.  Jesus clearly said that faithfulness will be rewarded more than we can imagine.  What was given to others who were unworthy will be taken and given to us for our faithfulness.  

It is easy to be discouraged by our busy schedules.  We tend to ignore our talents that God has invested in us.  We are reminded of the honeybees. They work very hard to collect nectar and pollen. Sometimes a worker bee can become tired and refuse to work.  A few other bees who notice it will surround the tired bee and dance around it until it regains enthusiasm and begins working again.  If you are exhausted and tired; may God give you the enthusiasm to move forward and accomplish wonderful things for the glory of God that you may receive surplus and surprise rewards from our Lord.  Amen

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