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Sunday Sermon – Oct 29 2023

Posted on: October 31st, 2023 by St. Bede Anglican Church


Deuteronomy 34: 1-12

The word Predestination is often considered as Heresy; but the Bible teaches us the real meaning of Predestination through various ways. Today we will try to understand Predestination from the life of Moses. 

1.  Predestination and Human Initiative
Moses was laid in a basket and left in the Nile.
Exodus 2:3

Moses should have been thrown into the Nile to be eaten by the crocodiles, but his parents decided to place him in a basket and leave him in a river.  That made a whole difference in the life of Moses.  God has given us the free will to decide what we do.  In tough situations, the decisions we make will either make things happen in our favour or to our regret. So we must remember to make choices that will make things happen in our favour and we will experience God’s predestination unfolding in our lives. 

2.  Predestination and Human Obedience
Moses obeyed God’s commands; he also disobeyed God’s command.  
Exodus 17:5,6
Numbers 20: 7-11 

God predestines our lives because God loves us and His plans are always for our good.  Nevertheless, God expects us to obey His commandments.  Moses obeyed God in everything God commanded him. In the above scripture references we see that once God asked Moses to strike the Rick to provide water for the Israelites; but the next time after about five years, God commanded him to speak to the Rock; but Moses disobeyed and struck the Rock twice. Water gushed out of the Rock, but God was disappointed with Moses because he failed to obey God’s command so God told him that he will not enter the promised land flowing with milk and honey.  God’s Predestination depends on our obedience to Him. 

3.  Predestination and God’s Choosing
Moses was strong and his eyesight was not dimmed.  He lived 120 years.
Deuteronomy 34: 7

Beyond all we do; there is something we can never fathom; it’s God’s unchanging plan. No body can alter what God chooses to do. None can stop God or compel God to do something. 

Some people live long; some don’t. Some have everything given to them; some don’t. It’s God’s predestination. God is Sovereign and those who have a personal relationship with God will always sense God in every situation and will accept His will without question. 

May our Sovereign Lord help us to yield to His predestination by making good choices and obeying His commandments.  Amen! 

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