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Pastoral Epistle – Sept 09, 2022

Posted on: September 18th, 2022 by St. Bede Anglican Church

Beloved Congregation,Greetings in Jesus!
‘Well done, you good and faithful servant…enter into the joy of your Lord.’  Matthew 25:21

The Diocese of Toronto joins the nation and the Commonwealth in grieving the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

“Canada’s Sovereign for over 70 years, Head of State in fourteen other countries and Head of the 56-member Commonwealth of Nations, the Queen’s life of selfless service and duty was grounded in, and nourished by, a deep and vibrant personal faith in Jesus Christ, a fact she frequently referenced in her public speaking
Supported by her husband, the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen visited every province and territory of Canada over 22 visits, met many thousands of Canadians from all walks of life, and had a particularly warm relationship of mutual respect with the First Nations of this land. When in Toronto, the Queen would worship at St. James Cathedral, and we were always delighted to welcome her here.
For the vast majority of Canadians, she is the only monarch we have ever known, and her passing is a significant moment in our common life together. We give thanks to God for her witness to her faith and her life of duty and service to our country and the Commonwealth.”This Sunday we will observe a special time in silence honoring the life of  her Majesty The Queen!

Outreach for Ukraine: We will support our Outreach ministry this Sunday, Sept 11th.  We will purchase brunch after our service to support the fundraising for the outreach ministry.  Thanks in advance for your generosity.  A big thank you to our Men’s Fellowship  for organizing the brunch for sale.   The contributions will be sent to support refugees from Ukraine.   Thank you sister Kirthana, you did a wonderful job in this initiative. Looking forward to seeing you do a lot more in the days to come. 

Young Adults: We are looking forward to a continued ministry among our Young Adults.  Thanks to sister Edith for her ministry as she continues to train our Young Adults to follow our Lord faithfully. 

Youth Ministry : We are looking forward to an exciting ministry among our Youth as they prepare to participate in the Worship service. Thanks to sister Sangeetha for her leadership and thanks to brother James for his ministry of music among our Youth, Young Adults and Sunday School.

Sunday School : We’ll continue praying for our Sunday School and for our coordinator, sister Dilshani as she ministers to our children. 

Choir : Please pray fervently for our Choir and Choir Director as we begin to plan for the Advent Season. We need God’s guidance as we are just moved into the Green  stage. 

Bible Study: Our Zoom Bible Study begins on Wednesday the 14th at 7.30 pm.  Please use our regular Sunday Zoom link.  

Praise the Lord for our parishioners who are faithful in their giving.  May the Lord bless our faithful givers.  Here are the details to send your tithes and offerings.
E-transfer your Contributions to : cw-stbede@toronto.anglican.ca
You can also contribute at: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/st-bedes-church

Zoom details for Sunday service :
Meeting ID: 977 5396 5288  
Passcode: 749549 
YouTube Stream links:  http://stbedesanglican.ca/worship-videos/

I encourage you to come for in person service and participate at the Lord’s table.  May our almighty God continue His goodness towards you and your family. 
Regards and blessings,


The Rev’d  Dr. Irwin Sikha

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