100-palm sunday

Sunday Sermon Notes – Sept 24 2023

Matthew 20: 1-16
Jesus spoke to His disciples about a landlord who recruited labourers to work in his vineyard. Jesus explained how in the Kingdom of God the last will be first.  

1.  Available : Matthew 20:1
It is so nice to see how we can relate the parable about the kingdom with our lives today.  God requires us to be available for him. Everyone who wanted to receive a wage will wait at a particular place.  The landlord invited some people early in the morning to work in his vineyard. God is looking out for people who are willing to trust Him for all their needs. 

2.  Anticipate : Matthew 20: 6 & 7
Later in the day the landlord went out at different times and found some people waiting to be hired. He sent them to work in his vineyard.  The people who waited could have been discouraged and gone home; but they kept anticipating that they will be hired.  God invites us to keep trusting on Him even when we see no results for our prayers. The Lord is mindful of us. He sees every one of us and in due time he will put us in the place he has prepared for us. God gives beauty for ashes and a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness.  Those who trust the Lord will never be put to shame. 

3.  Action : Matthew 20: 15 & 16

In this parable Jesus said that the landlord went out at 5.00 in the evening, just one hour before work time will be over. He found some and brought them to his vineyard to work.  They worked for only one hour. When it was time to pay them, the landlord paid a full day’s wage to the people who worked for only an hour.  Those who worked for the full day complained that these were made equal to them. The landlord said that he is generous and that he can do whatever he wants with his money.  Jesus concluded by saying that even so the lady will be first.  

When we are brought low with all our problems and challenges, God is able to turn things around for us and make us to be ahead of others. He can make the last to be first. We must be ready to follow his instructions and guidance.  Amen