100-palm sunday


The authority of the Church 

Matthew 21: 23-32

After His triumphant entry into Jerusalem, Jesus chased out those who were selling their wares in the Temple; He then healed the blind and the lame and began teaching.  The elders of the temple came up to Him and questioned his authority.  “Who gave you the authority to do these things”. They asked Him.  We see at least aspects of the authority of Jesus that is also shared by the Church. 

1. Authority by Genealogy 

Matthew 1: 17, (14+14+14 generations) Luke 3 (77 generations). QAHAL Assembly, ECLESIA Church 

Jesus has fulfilled all the prophecies of the Messiah.  By His genealogy He has the authority to cleanse the temple.  The church also has the authority by its genealogy because beginning with the book of Genesis we see that the church always remained. 

2.  Authority by Teaching 

John 7:46,  Mark 1:22 

Jesus did not teach like the scribes. He taught with authority.  Jesus never said, “Thus saith the Lord” as all other prophets.  Jesus said, “I tell you”.  The Church is the Bride of Christ. We are bought by the sinless blood of Jesus. So, the Church also has the authority to boldly preach the truth to the world.  

3.  Authority by Action

Matthew 21: 12-14 

Jesus cleansed the temple.  We, the church are the body of Christ.  We too must take leadership and make sure we follow the Lord faithfully.  Jesus is our Saviour and He is Lord of all.  The Church must exercise our authority given to us by God Himself.  We must allow God to work His miracles in our midst.  Jesus is the Rock that is hewn not by hands that comes down, breaks all kingdoms, and stands as a great Rock covering the whole earth.  This prophecy is explained in the second chapter of the book of Daniel.  

May our Lord enable us to exercise our authority because Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords.