100-palm sunday

Sunday Sermon Notes – 2023 Oct 15

Receive God’s Favour

Exodus 32: 1-14 ; Matthew 22: 1-14

The Lord is abundant in grace.  He gives us His favour.  We see in today’s readings how we can receive God’s favour.  

1.  Look up to God 

His Sovereignty – Exodus 31:18; Matthew 22:2,3

Moses had gone up into the mountain as God had commanded him.  God spoke to Moses all His commandments and then God Himself wrote the Ten Commandments on two tablets and gave them to Moses.  Moses was in God’s holy presence for forty days.  

The people waited; but then they took away their eyes from God and asked Aaron, Moses’ brother to make a God for them.  

When God does not manifest himself, we tend to move away from God and seek other things in the place of God.  God wants us to keep holding on to Him even when it looks like nothing is happening. 

Then we will receive God’s favour. 

2.  Look inside yourself

Our Shortcomings – Exodus 32: 7,8; Matthew 22: 5,6

The Israelites quickly made for themselves a golden calf and began to worship the calf. This brought God’s anger on them.  We may think that the Israelites were so stupid to turn away from God.  Nevertheless, we’re all equally guilty of turning away from God.  We have sinned against God multiple times.  We have all broken the Ten Commandments.  We all should realize that we live by God’s grace and favour.  When we realize our unworthiness, we will receive God’s favour 

3.  Look around

 for Sincere Intercessors – Exodus 32:11; Matthew 22: 10

God’s wrath was kindled against the Israelites and God wanted to destroy them.  But Moses, their leader stood before God and interceded for them.  Moses pleaded on their behalf and intreated God’s favour for them.  

God’s favour will come to us when we have a true Intercessor.  We must look around and find someone who will intercede for us.  Each one of us should be an intercessor for others.  It is one thing to pray for ourselves; but it is an overflowing blessing when we intercede for someone else.  

To stand before God on behalf of others will bring down God’s favour 

May our Lord grant us the grace to receive God’s favour in everything we do.   Amen